Monday, August 7, 2017

A Sheppard at the Sheep Factory

This week went by super fast! I speak Spanish I swear, but I didn't pay any attention to the name of my area when I got here! My new area is called Ovejeria, which means something along the lines of sheep factory haha! I didn't realize that at first and this week an investigator asked me what my name meant and I said that it meant "pastor" which is Spanish for shepherd! He just started to laugh, and after thinking for a few minutes I finally figured it out! President Isom: 1 Me: 0 haha

We were running all over this week! We started with intercambios and I went to entre lagos! Its a rural community that is settled between to beautiful lakes. It was a ton of fun to go out there and to be in the countryside! We went to go visit some members and we got to feed all of the farm animals! We loaded hay for the cows, bucketed grain for the horses and we got to hand bottle feed the baby goats and sheep!! It was a ton of fun! You can see 5 volcanoes from their sector on a sunny day, and I went the first sunny day that we have had in weeks! It was so beautiful!! 

We had a great lesson with an investigator of ours this week! Nataly! We always have lessons at the members house, so we've never been to her house or met her whole family! But, we found out that she has a daughter who is 9! So we started to teach her, too! It's pretty frustrating sometimes when you find people who are ready to be baptized hiding in plain sight! But nothing strengthens my testimony that the lord is preparing people for us in our sectors  when someone comes along that has actually been waiting there the whole time! We shared the video of the first vision with her daughter and had her mom (Nataly) explain it to her!! Seeing her explain the first vision and bear testimony of the truth of the first vision was so awesome!!!! They both have dates to be baptized on the 26th of this month!!

We have another awesome family of investigators, the Art family!! HE is the really tall guy! They are leaving to go on a trip to Cuba this week! During our weekly planning session my companion and I both felt very strongly to teach him the word of wisdom and give them a promise before they left! We had an awesome lesson and invited them to keep the word of wisdom on their vacation, and if they did that, they would enjoy their vacation more then any other vacation they have had! They agreed to do it! Their younger son Thomas sent us a text in the middle of the week, I'll translate it for you guys, it says, "THIS WEEK WAS AWESOME!!! WE GOT TO SPEND THE MONEY WE USUALLY SPEND ON WINE AND BEER AND WENT ON A ZIPLINE!!!" We laughed our heads off! hahaha. 

Our other investigator Maria came to church as well this week! She called us Saturday night and said that she was super sick and wasn't feeling up tp going! We got to the church and she was already waiting at the door, and hour early.
For district meeting this week we did a BYOTTF (bring your own things to fry) after the meeting we just fried up whatever anyone brought, we fried oreos, pizza, a cupcake, a snickers bar, an already fried empanada.  We fried a lot of stuff!! I also got my haircut this week, it was pretty bad haha One member asked me if I fell asleep in the grass when the lawn mower passed over! But, right after I got it cut we had missionary correlation! We finished our correlation and left and I thought, "I guess its not that bad if he didn't say anything about it!" Well, our mission leader is blind. My hair cut is really bad and that's all I'll say haha Love you guys!!! NO SEAN FLOJOS!!!!

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